Monthly Archives: January 2014

My Digital Autobiography

A Brief Description of My Internet Use

A description of my web presence is fairly simple.  I use the internet quite frequently but I do not have a wide array of activities.  Every day I visit the sites,, and The Daily Beast to check the news and to look for interesting articles.  When I am done with that I check my Mason Email account to see if my teachers have announced anything important.  Following my Email check I log on to Blackboard to look for more announcements regarding assignments or other important information.  I will do this periodically throughout the day to make sure there are no new developments.  Occasionally when I do not have any other work to do I will look up subjects I am interested in on Google. Also on a daily basis I will usually listen to music on either Pandora or Youtube until it distracts me too much or I get tired of it.  This description of my daily Internet activties is somewhat short and simple because everything I do on the computer does not have much detail to it.

I do not blog, tweet, or use any form of social networking.  The reason I do not have any of these accounts is because I have no interest in doing whatever the sites are designed to do.  Facebook gives me the opportunity to see what people ate for dinner and most blogging sites allow me to share information that no one would bother to read so there is no reason for me to do these activities.