Final Project Topic

For my final project I have chosen to focus on the area of race relations in Washington D.C.  My specific topic will be the riots that occurred in the city in 1968.  I will investigate the subject for the causes and factors leading up to the events, what actually happened, and what were the temporary and permanent effects on the city and the people in it.

When I research this topic further I will begin by going to Wikipedia for a general overview and then accessing the George Mason University Library database system.  I will use the sites that are indicated to specialize in history or at least have a section for history.  When I find a site that seems to allow access to a helpful and relevant amount of information I will begin taking notes and citing information on a word document.  If one site does not come through as a plethora of information I will extract materials from a number of databases to get what I need for the project.

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